London Crane Hire

As you look for London crane hire you will come across many companies that offer these services and you may not be sure which one you should hire. There are certain qualities that all good crane hire companies in London share. Before you contract any company to deliver a crane to your site make sure that they meet the following criteria:
• They should have the necessary experience. This means that not only should they have been in business for more than a few years, they should also have different cranes available for hire and they should be able to talk you through different options depending on the project that you need done.
• They should be prepared for jobs of different sizes. You may find a crane hire company that has excellent customer service, but if you have a large project they will not be able to help because they don’t have the right size of crane. A good crane hire company is prepared to service clients with big and small projects.
• Any good crane hire company understands the value of safety when it comes to crane hire. They have strict regulations in place that are understood and followed by all, and they ensure that all clients understand what steps they must take to ensure that safety precautions are followed on site.
• They provide turnkey services such as delivery and rigging, so that all that is left for the client to do is put the crane to use. If the client doesn’t have their own crane operator the crane hire company will provide one.
RJ Crane Hire will do all these things for you. They are one of the best crane hire companies in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. You can find out more about their services on