How to promote your music

Marketing Experience
Lots of musicians are not familiar with marketing, and that’s understandable. Marketing is a highly specialized field, and so is music. It’s very difficult to be equally talented at two highly specialized fields. In order to market anything successfully, people actually have to be good at several different fields, at least in many cases. It’s very difficult for one person to handle all of this, regardless of how generally intelligent and skillful this person is.
PR agencies have a lot of different employees who collectively have a lot of skills of their own. When people work with PR agencies, they are not relying on one person’s skills. They are relying on the skills of several people, which is obviously much more rational. Even small PR agencies are not run by individuals, at least for the most part. These agencies will have a lot of talent behind them. They can help other talented people, including musicians.
Musicians will get a lot of conflicting information when it comes to marketing their music. Some people are still using older social media platforms to promote their music, which can work well in some cases but which won’t make a difference for everyone. Many musicians try to maintain a lot of different social media platforms all at once.
It’s difficult for a person to maintain even one social media platform, which has become something of a full-time job these days. Trying other promotional strategies can be even more difficult for the people who just don’t have a lot of experience with this sort of work. The musicians who try to do all of their own marketing won’t have time to create new music, and that is what they are trying to produce in the first place.