Wooden Bed Tray

Your loved one will be bed ridden for some time and you want to buy them a wooden bed tray that they can use to eat, write and perform a few other minor chores. It may sound like a straightforward proposition until you look at the variety of bed trays that are available – there are many, and every manufacturer claims that they have the best. So how can you make sure that you are choosing a wooden bed tray that will not let you down? Here is what you ought to look for:
•    You should make sure that the tray is wide enough to span over the lap comfortably. The ideal length is about 24 inches. The tray should also be able to adjust upwards and downwards to at least 3 positions. The best trays are also able to tilt forwards for maximum comfort.
•    The tray that you choose should be easy to clean. Taking care of an invalid is not easy and you want to make life as easy as possible for yourself. You should be able to get the tray clean by simply wiping it down. It shouldn’t have any hard to reach places.
•    Make sure that your tray is made out of long lasting wood. There are different kinds of wood, some hard and some soft, and some soft woods don’t last very long. Your tray should last for years to come.
•    Make sure that you choose a tray that can fold away neatly into a small package that doesn’t require a lot of room to store.
•    A good tray also has a small drawer that can be used to keep medications and small knickknacks.
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