Private 6th Form Colleges

As a foreigner who is looking to do sixth form exams in the UK you have been looking at schools and you are rather confused – which are the best private 6th form colleges? All schools that you have seen claim that they are the best, but you need to find one that maximizes your chances of getting into university. Are there any specific things you can look into that can help you choose a really good school? As a matter of fact there are.
You might want to start by looking at how different schools perform in the 6th form exam. While all schools claim that they are really good there are only a few that are able to have a high number of qualifying students every year. You can look at performance over the last few years to find out whether the school is really as good as it claims to be.
Since you will be a foreign student you want to join a school where there will be others like you. It can be extremely lonely if you are the only student from another country, but some of the best private 6th form colleges in the UK have large populations of foreign students. Learning with students from a variety of countries is helpful because you are exposed to people of different cultures and you make friends who can be very useful later in life.
As you look at schools you should also look at the accommodation arrangements for foreign students. Do they have decent dormitories where you will be comfortable? Are you able to communicate with your parents when the need arises? You should also be able to get healthy, balanced meals every day.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it is one of the best private 6th form colleges. You can find out more about it on