Oak Bi Fold Doors

Salmon Brothers is your source for the best in oak bi fold door installs. In fact, we can customize your doors are our workshop to meet all your specs and needs. With bespoke joinery pieces, you get exact cuts and designs with true accuracy and precision. As wood manufacturing specialists, we bring over 10 years of extensive industry experience to all your door installs and projects. In fact, we produce large and small pieces that are guaranteed to enhance and spruce up your interiors and exteriors. Simply visit our extensive online gallery for our past and present projects.

What are Oak Bi Fold Doors?

Like the name suggests, oak bi fold doors are made from durable and sturdy oak. Whether for homes or businesses, we manufacture all types of high-quality softwood and hardwood products for all applications. Bi-fold doors add true elegance to all modern and/or contemporary homes. They are also ideal for closets and laundry areas, since they improve ventilation between closed spaces. Most bi-fold doors comes primed ready – and ready to be finished in any color you desire. Here are some more benefits of having us install bi-fold doors for your home or business:

•    Salmon Bros guarantee quality craftsmanship for any bi-fold installation or project.
•    We manufacture, produce and cut doors according to your specifications and criteria.
•    Oak bi-fold doors are durable, sturdy, and designed to last for years to come.
•    We offer a wide array of bi-fold door options, including 6-panel doors that easily blend in with your home décor.
•    We offer unfinished and ready to be stained doors – or finished and painted doors to match your home styles and designs.
•    Bi-fold doors are streamlined and centralized to match any desired look. In fact, the add true warmth and class to any property.