Lawn care in spring

Spring is coming around and your lawn isn’t looking quite the way you want it – the grass is overgrown and there are weeds everywhere. Do not despair – with a little care your lawn will look just great. Here are some tips:
•    You should start by mowing your lawn. You should make sure that the blades in your lawn mower are sharp – if you cut the grass with blunt blades they will tear rather than cut it and it may get diseased and die. Mow with a lower setting to allow water and nutrients can have a chance to get to the soil.
•    You should water your lawn every week. Make sure that it gets enough water – you want it to be lush by the time the summer heat sets in. the average lawn will need to be watered 3 times a week. If you are busy and there is a chance that you will forget you should an automated sprinkler system. The best time to water is in the morning before the sun sets in. This allows the water to get into the soil rather than evaporate. You can also water late in the afternoon after the sun has gone down.
•    The soil in your lawn has become compacted and this reduces the water and nutrients reach it. If you want your lawn to thrive you should have it aerated. If you have noticed that there are patches in your lawn it is because over time the grass stops reproducing and needs to be replaced. It is time for overseeding – spread grass seeds all around; as it grows it will replace the dying blades.
•    Now that you have aerated and overseeded it is time to fertilize. Your lawn needs enough nutrition to survive the summer months.
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