Hottest Chilli Sauce

Chillis are not for everyone; while some people cannot let a morsel pass between their lips before it has been dipped in chilli sauce there are others who just cannot stand the stuff. Chilli adds flavor to food, and if you can develop a tolerance for it you will find that you enjoy your meals much more. You should know, by the way, that chilli has numerous health benefits. Here is how you can go about adding chilli sauce to your diet:
•    Start small. If you start out by adding large amounts of world’s hottest chilli sauce to your food you will have a hard time with it. The best thing to do is gradually add the “hotness”. You can begin by adding a mild sauce to soups or burgers. Over time you will realize that it doesn’t taste that hot any more, and then you can move on to a hotter sauce. Before long you will find yourself craving something even stronger.
•    You should put chilli on the side, not all over your meal. If, for example, you put chilli all over your Mexican rice and beans you may find the food too hot to eat. When you have it on the side you can add what you feel is the right amount to every spoonful.
•    Instead of focusing on how hot the hottest chilli sauceis you should focus on the flavours that it brings out. Chilli will any enhance the flavor of most foods, so just enjoy that. Over time you will find that you enjoy chilli sauce much more.
•    Make sure that you buy the right brand of chilli sauce – there are some that are simply better than others.
•    Make sure that you handle chilli the right way. If you touch it with your bare hands wash several times with soap – if it gets into the wrong places, such as your eyes or down there it can be extremely painful.
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