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A rostering software can help you manage the staffing process, prevent hiring mistakes and address staff issues.

Rostering management is an important part of any business because it helps you to effectively plan and budget for your workforce for the coming year. Rostering also means that no-one gets overstretched with too many hours, or underworked with too few. Not to mention, rostering will also help you avoid wasting money on business rates unnecessarily by ensuring that there are always enough staff available at all times.

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According to the CIPD’s ‘Striking a Balance’ report, nearly half of all employers surveyed said that they have experienced difficulties in finding enough staff during the past year. This is a common problem and there are a number of ways in which you can take control of it, including using online rostering software.

The benefits are numerous. If you need additional staff to cover for holiday or sickness, for example, then off-the-shelf rostering software can help you find suitable replacements quickly and easily.

And as well as ensuring that your business never runs short of staff, it can also reduce over-staffing by giving you the visibility to see when you have more staff on than you need. It’s a business rostering software used by many companies across multiple industries.

Here are just some of the ways that online rostering software can help your company:

Preferred roster: There are no schedules more important than those for nurses and other healthcare professionals in hospitals. That’s why most healthcare facilities rely on specialty rostering software designed to make sure they have exactly the right number of nurses, doctors and other staff available to provide patients with the best possible care at all times.

Online notices: It’s all very well being able to speak to staff on a personal level and ensure that they’re up to date with their shifts, but you also need the notifications to get through. The same goes for other professionals in your company, who need official reminders about changes in their rostered hours. With online rostering software, you can set up automatic emails and alerts which will help you stay in touch with staff. In fact, there are so many benefits of using online rostering software that it’s well worth having a look around for more information.

Insights: The same information that can help you avoid over- and under-staffing is also ideal for any financial planning. With your rostering software, you’ll be able to see at a glance how many employees you’re paying for, where they are and what skills they have. You can get a better idea of expenses including payroll taxes, employee benefits and other expenses like healthcare costs.

Managing staff absence: If you have the right kind of rostering software, then absence management can be quick and easy. Since all employees have the same access to data, you can see at a glance which employees are regularly absent and when. This helps you to address any issues immediately and minimise the risk of any staff being taken off rostered hours.

Here’s a list of some of the most common problems that companies face with traditional scheduling software:

Inaccurate scheduling: Scheduling on paper is notoriously difficult, with errors every time you cross-check figures. With a powerful online rostering software system, these problems are reduced dramatically.

Low employee engagement: If you’ve arranged your schedules manually, then it can be hard to motivate staff because they know how much work they must do anyway.