Hearing Test for Children

While your child may seem to be developing normally it is important to have their hearing tested every once in a while. This is not just for families that have a history of hearing loss or deafness – research shows that more than 90% of children who are born deaf or who go deaf in their early years are born to hearing parents. Your paediatrician will do a series of tests on your child’s hearing every time you go in for a check up but should they express any concern you should take your child to a specialist right away.
Many times it doesn’t take a paediatrician to detect hearing loss in a child. As a parent you may notice odd behaviour – your child may seem oblivious to their environment and blind to what is happening around them. It could be that they disconnect because they do not hear properly, or they have to strain to be a part of what is going on around them. You may also notice that they are slow to develop speech and that they have a problem following simple instructions. Before you jump to any conclusions about their behaviour you should have their hearing checked.
Don’t assume that your local GP can help diagnose and treat the problem. If you want your child to be able to cop[e as well as possible you should find a specialist who has plenty of experience with child hearing loss. They will also have the right equipment for proper diagnosis, and they are in the know about many different interventions and strategies that can help give your child a normal life.
Cheary is one such clinic. Based in London, they have several audiologists who are all highly trained and qualified to work with children. You can find out how to get in touch with them on http://www.chears.co.uk/.