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So, you are all set to join a college. You want to take admission to your dream college. However, you are uncertain about the admission. You might be thinking of the SAT test to build a foundation. A lot of excitements of there and you are here means you want to gather more information on SAT.
SAT and ACT can help you to get admission in top colleges. Many major 4-degree colleges accept the SAT and take it as criteria to decide on a student. Also, the SAT can help you to prepare for your college exam. It will develop different strategies and skill. Ultimately, you can get more score. In brief, the SAT can help you to prove your full potential and get admission in some top colleges. However, if your current education commitments and homework are making it difficult to write SAT test, then you can think of an online option. You will find many SAT study guide online to support your unique needs.
How will SAT Study Guide Online Help?
If you are determined about SAT, you might have ideas about the tests and types of questions. An online guide will only shape your mind and will make you familiar with the test.
You will know about the type of questions. SAT is all about writing, Reading, and Math with an optional Essay section. If you will perform best in all these sections, you can certainly get more score. More score means a better chance to get admissions in top colleges. The score of the SAT ranges from 400-1600.
SAT Study Guide Online
In SAT, there will two main sections. One is evidence-based writing and reading. Reading will cover a lot of things that include historical documents, fiction, natural science, and social science. The test time is sixty-five minutes. Within sixty-five minutes, you will have to answer fifty-two multiple-choice questions. Similarly, writing will cover many things such as vocabulary, grammar, and editing skill. You will have thirty minutes to answer forty-four multiple-choice questions.
The second session is math and the test will include geometry, Algebra I and II, and trigonometry skill. There will be fifty-eight multiple-choice questions and the time limit will be eighty minutes.
This is the basic knowledge and you will have to research more to get accurate data about the type of questions. Currently, many online courses are available to help you to score high. You can also try the practice test to perform better in the real test.