Dog walking and sitting

Are the holidays just around the corner, travel or stay home? visit your family or enjoy a party and go crazy or not, if you like to have fun and you are a better organizer than me? And the most important question of all: how do you take care of your pet?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “A pet is an animal that is kept in company and pleasure, or a pet. The most popular pets are known for their loyal or playful qualities, their attractive appearance or their song. Pets look like their owners “In general, it also has important health benefits. It has been shown to keep animals to relieve stress for pet lovers. The Bristol dog walk can offer the owner and the dog the practice of fresh air and social interaction.”

This listing comes from Wikipedia, but for proud pet owners like us, the word animal means love and family. We only love these little or in some cases big creatures that live in our homes and hearts and take care of them. Care is not an option, it is an obligation. What brings us to the topic of what we should do with your dog, cat, or other animal in your home during the holidays?

When traveling, there are only two options available: take your pet with you or leave it behind. Take it with you, of course, so you don’t have to worry about your pet being left behind just for your dog’s favorite rubber shoe, but it’s completely different. If this isn’t an option for you, it means your “little one” stays and you should think better of an acceptable solution. There are pet facilities where you can take care of your dogs for an extended period of time. As a general rule, you should go there in advance to see how your dog / cat is behaving in a new environment and how it interacts with other animals. There’s nothing wrong with that, they’re great. I just know that after my dog ​​was left in such a facility, we had leaks in our dog and in our house, which took a long time to get rid of. Since then we prefer someone to take care of our dog at home or at home. If you have never used this person, ask for referrals and call. It is very important. You need to make sure your pet is well cared for. You can also ask your neighbors if anyone wants to “try” and take care of the dog while he is away. It would be great, this option is probably cheaper and you know you can trust these people to do a good job.

If you don’t travel, all you have to do is make sure your pet gets the food and walks while he cooks, sits, or visits on vacation. Preparing a good meal and making the house clean and ready for visitors is an important task. Don’t deprive your dog of his favorite hobbies. Find someone to walk and play with your dog while you are busy doing other things. In these cases, dog walks are a great solution. You can go for a walk with a professional dog, it is their full time job, usually protected and tied up or you just hire a child on the street as long as you trust them and know that they will do a great job of taking care of your family member.