Crawler Crane Hire UK

You are in the market for a crawler crane only you don’t know the first thing about hiring one. Don’t worry – with the right information you will find the right crane company to do business with. There are many crane hire companies in the UK and it goes without saying that you should hire from one that is near you. If you hire a crane from far away it will have to be driven to your construction site, and you will be charged for every mile that it travels.
As you look for crane hire companies one of the foremost things you should have in mind is safety. You are not an expert on crane use, so it is important that you hire a company that is prepared to help you make sure that your crane is operated safely for as long as it is on your site. Find a company that is clear about what they need from you in terms of proper insurance and site preparation. You will have to insure everyone who is working on your site and take out a general liability policy in case a member of the public should get injured.
The best crane companies in the UK will send a supervisor with every crane they let. The supervisor’s job is to make sure that the site is safe at all times and that the crane is operated properly. It doesn’t matter if you have someone in your team who is familiar with cranes – you should still get a supervisor from the crane hire company.
RJ Crane Hire is one of the best companies to get a crawler crane from. They have excellent customer service and put safety before everything else. You can find out more