Bristol Engineering Jobs

If you are trained as an engineer it is possible for you to get a job in Bristol, but you have to know how to go about it. If you are lucky you may hear of a job through word of mouth but most people have to actively look for engineering employment. You should start by posting your CV on a recruitment website. These are websites that list jobs, and once you post your CV with them you will be informed when a job comes up. You will be required to pay a fee but do your homework – there are some that are unnecessarily expensive. Also look at what the payment terms are. Ideally, it is free to register your CV but if the website helps you secure an engineering job you will need to pay them a one-off fee. There are some, however, that require you to pay them every month for a certain period after you get a job – beware of these.

The other thing you have to do is prepare for your interview. Depending on your field of engineering make sure that you are at the top if your game – polish up your skills, both practical and theoretical. You should also be prepared in case you are given an aptitude test – sample tests are available online and you can use these to practice. For the actual interview you ought to look at all possible questions you think that may be posed to you. Write them down well in advance and come up with acceptable answers. Talk to a practicing engineer to find out the kids of questions that you may face.

Do research about the company with which you hope to be employed. Find out what they do and what you will be expected to do and know as a newly employed engineer. Keep in mind that the more you know the better – you will be able to answer questions in context. On the day before your interview get to bed early so that you can have an early start. On the day of make sure that you are professionally dressed and have on a pair of comfortable shoes – never go to an interview in a brand new pair of shoes. Put all your papers in order in a nice looking file and make sure your overall presentation is impressive. Know the directions to the company in advance and get their at least half an hour early.

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