Builders in Cambridge

Finding a good builder in Cambridge is not easy; while there are so many, you will have a hard time finding one who can deliver. Whether you are considering a loft conversion, a kitchen remodel, new bathrooms or even a new build it is important to choose builders carefully – not only do they have to do the work the way you want it, they also have to adhere to the best standards. Before you pick a Cambridge builder take the following factors into account:
•    Different builders come with different areas of expertise. While there are some who are experts are remodels, there are others who are only able to deliver new builds. It is important to find out whether the builder that you have in mind has done the kind of work that you want done in your home, and what kind of results they were able to achieve.
•    It is important to find out who will do the work – there are many companies that claim to be builders, but as soon as they get the contract they find sub-contractors to do the work. You haven’t signed any contracts with subcontractors, so if things go wrong you may end up with no recourse.
•    Make sure to find out what they charge and how they charge you. As soon as you express interest a good builder will give you a written quote that shows you what you are paying for. The best builders ask for only 30% of the full payment upfront and then you pay the rest after the work is complete. Any builder who asks for more than this may not be the best.
MJ Salmon & Son are reliable Cambridge builders who have been around for more than 40 years. They have experience in all sorts of building work, so you should contact them to see if they are able to do improvements in your home. You can see more on their website,