Air conditioner services near me: 5 things to know

The summer heat can be brutal, and if you don’t have an air conditioner or need to service your existing one, it’s time to call in the professionals. With summers already being hot enough as it is, you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is running at its optimum level.

  1. Why it’s important to have your air conditioner serviced

It’s important to have your air conditioner regularly serviced to make sure it’s running at its optimum level. Air conditioning units typically last seven to ten years, but they are major investments for homeowners and should be treated as such.

  1. What happens if you don’t get it serviced

If you don’t get your air conditioner serviced, it can wear out faster and ice up. This is because the unit will be running at a higher level to keep your home cool when you don’t have an air conditioning service company available to repair any issues that may arise.

  1. The importance of having a professional service technician do the maintenance on your air conditioner

A professional service technician can inspect your air conditioning unit and determine what needs to be done for it to function properly.

They can also make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment by having a professional service technician inspect your filter, clean or replace dirty coils, and change any worn-out parts on the compressor.

  1. How often should you get your AC unit serviced – and how much does it cost usually

Every few years, you should have your AC unit serviced. An air conditioning service cost is typically around $150-$200, but it varies depending on the company and what they do to maintain your system.

Even if you don’t notice any issues with your cooling vents or see ice building up in them, there could be other signs that need attention, such as dirty coils, which can result in higher energy costs and high humidity levels inside the home because the A/C will constantly run without correcting itself.

If this happens over time, you could notice other problems with your AC unit, such as the leaky ducts, which could cost a lot more to fix.

  1. Tips for keeping your air conditioner running efficiently all year long

To maintain your AC unit, make sure that you place it in a shaded area. If the sun hits an air conditioner even for just one hour per day, it can reduce its efficiency by up to 25%!

To clean your coils and maintain optimum performance levels, vacuum or brush away any dirt from them once every three months. This will also ensure that they are free of insects which could cause damage to the unit over time.

Ensure not to run your AC system too cold because this will turn on more frequently and use more energy than if you keep it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if your thermostat is set lower when no one’s home during the daytime hours, try adjusting the temperature back up as soon as someone returns or before the sunsets.

If your air conditioner is running well and you don’t need a service, consider having it inspected every three to five years for peace of mind.