Admissions counselor

Besides wasting your valuable time, studying the wrong course costs you your money or your parent’s money. Furthermore, leaving a course halfway or finishing and then realizing that it was not the right one for you is a total waste of resources. If you imagine the amount of time and effort you spend applying for the course and then studying the course which involves doing all the tests and the assignments, picking the right course is crucial.
This is why you need all the information you can get to pick the perfect course for you. That is precisely what Admissions counselor does. Guided by Danielle Arca, a globally known counselor and educator, Admissions counselor  guides students in picking the best course for them by providing them with the necessary information they need to choose the courses. The experts at Admissions counselor help high school students identify their gifts, so they make the right choice.
Services offered
To meet its goal of ensuring the students pick the ideal course of study and become exceptional professionals in the future, Admissions counselor provides a variety of services. The services include:
College admissions and academic guidance counseling
The college application advisors at Admissions counselor offer one-on-one counseling to help you pick the right college course. The counseling sessions involve the services of a former admissions officer who has experience in working in a highly selective school as well as a dedicated expert. The two experts work together to ensure you identify your personal goals.
The counseling involves the evaluation of the GPA, transcripts, test scores, and curriculum. The evaluation helps in identifying the areas where you, as a student, are talented. Discovering your talent is crucial in determining the best course to study at the university. An ideal course is one who perfects your talent.
Parents and guardians are also involved in the counseling whereby they answer questionnaires together with the student. The information collected in the questionnaire helps the experts identify and understand the specific family needs as well as their preferences. Other activities include the development of a personalized testing schedule, college resume and the “claim-to-fame,” among many other activities.
Types of packages
Admissions counselor has two packages, the freshman package, and the sophomore package.
Freshman Package
The freshman package targets the high school students in their freshman year. This service can begin at any time during the freshman year. The package includes college admissions counseling and academic guidance counseling. To lay the best foundation for college admission, regular meetings are held between the students, their parents, and the college admission experts. For the student to identify their ideal courses on time, intensive college admissions start from the junior year.
-Sophomore Package
The sophomore package is not very different from the freshman package since it is the same counseling that takes place in freshman package that is still applied in the sophomore package. However, under this package, the meetings take place throughout the freshman and the sophomore years.
Choosing a course to study in college may sound like an easy thing to do. However, when you are trying to make a decision that could alter your future, you need to be extra cautious.