Boarding Schools in Cambridgeshire

When it comes to boarding schools in Cambridgeshire, CCSS continues to be a beacon of academic excellence. As the premier Center for Sixth-form Studies, CCSS is designed to help students effectively prepare for university and college life. At the same time, the venue helps expand educational horizons – while meeting all student goals and aspirations. From a world-class faculty to a strong diverse student base, the school continues to exceed all educational expectations. Whether for short or long-term programs, CCSS continues to be one of the top educational centers in Cambridgeshire.

Creative Freedom

CCSS offers a myriad of innovative and cutting-edge courses for students. From universal languages like mathematics and science to history – students have access to wealth of subjects that illuminate and challenge the mind. Similarly, there are courses designed to enhance the creative sides of students. This includes art history, along with modern and digital design. These courses are taught by industry-leading professors who are committed to excellence in all endeavors. At CCSS, each student has the opportunity to make the most out of his or her education. No matter the major or minor, our instructors help students achieve their educational goals and dreams. This is done by allowing students to tap into their creativity and ingenuity via free and critical thinking skills.

Courses Materials and Criteria

CCSS courses materials and criteria are based on the many programs we offer. This includes liberal arts classes, along with business, finance, entertainment, and college prep. In order to understand the qualifications desired, you must speak with a CCSS counselor or instructor. All staff members are always available to help students – no matter which semesters they want to register for. Furthermore, teachers and even students help other classmates with college applications, resumes, essays, and so much more. At CCSS, it truly is like a family that is concerned with helping each other reach their potentials in life.

Cambrideshire’s Best

CCSS strives to help all students propel to new heights in their respective courses and majors. With smaller classes, students can take advantage of learning environments that offer personalized attention. This helps enable achievement, while turning aspirations and dreams into realities. Teachers and students also work together to secure the best learning experiences that will be cherished for years to come. As always, students will take with them the best qualifications that will help them meet all challenges in the job market and real world.